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Many Flaat users are emailing me for advice about how to color grade their footage. It's not a strong point of mine. Actually, one of the reasons I created Flaat was that I was just unable to get nice skin tones out of footage shot with Canon's Neutral, or Marvels Cine. So I always send them the same set of links to some truly awesome posts by my color guru, Stu Maschwitz (@5tu). Everything else in his blog (prolost) is worth a read, but these are the most relevant bits for someone who wants to learn about color in movies.

Thanks a lot, Stu, I learned a lot reading you.

Stu Maschwitz on memory colors and skin tones:
Hue Are You
Save Our Skins
Memory Colors

Stu Maschwitz on color for movies, and Red Giant's Magic Bullet plugins:
The blockbuster look (teal/orange)
Magic Bullet Mojo quick tour
Magic Bullet Colorista II tutorials
Color Correcting Food with Colorista II
Magic Bullet Colorista Free

And now that we're at it...

Stu Maschwitz on 24p:
Your new TV ruins movies
Movies at high frame rates
Interview, Part 2: the beauty of 24p

And the rest of that (very inspirational) interview:
Part 1
Parts 3 and 4
Part 5

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