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I have a Sony a7S. I shoot with my Flaat settings, which is a variation of S-Log2 with somewhat-tweaked Cinema color.

At its most basic, my color correction workflow is as follows:
1. Correct exposure
2. Correct white balance
3. Add contrast

Usually it's a lot more complicated than that, but these steps remain. And I do this so often that I have created a set of custom curves for steps 1 and 3.

The contrast curves for step 3 are just a starting point, and if you're an experienced user they probably will be useless for you. But if you are one of those who feel slog2 never gives you a nicely contrasty final image, this may be helpful to you. They take the peculiarities of the a7S slog2 image into account, and they won't clip anything that's not already clipped to begin with.

I'm particularly proud of the curves I use to correct exposure: I used my estimation of the light-response function of the a7S slog2 image to calculate an approximation of what a mathematically correct exposure adjustment would be. That means that it's as close as I could make it to what you'd get if you shot with higher or lower ISO. Of course it can't be accurate in the highlights and shadows, because I can't unclip stuff that is clipped, and I don't want to clip stuff that is not clipped. But in the midtones they are mathematically accurate. This makes adjusting exposure in post really easy. Some tests here.

I use them a lot, so I thought others might be interested too.

Before and after applying the +3 curve, which adjusts exposure up by one stop:

Before and after applying the -3 curve, which adjusts exposure down by one stop:

As you see, the result is still approximately log, so you can use LUTs and such after this adjustment. It's just a relatively clean exposure correction.

These curves have been created for Adobe Premiere CC 2014, but older and newer versions should take them too. I'm not so sure about different software, probably not.

As usual with me, there are two different versions that you can get: there's a free download that will give you basically all you need, and if you make a donation you'll get a slightly more complete set.

The free version contains 8 curve presets, to do the following:
* Adjust exposure in full stops (4 curves)
* Adjust the black level and add contrast (4 curves)

The donor version contains 16 curve presets to do the following:
* Adjust exposure in thirds of a stop (12 curves)
* Adjust the black level and add contrast (4 curves)

As you see, by making a donation you get some extra curve presets that allow you to adjust exposure in thirds of a stop.

DOWNLOAD the free version

or donate, then download the full version:

The redirect works 95% of the time. If you donate and it doesn't work, write to
I'll confirm the donation and email you the zip file.

Remember that these presets are designed for Adobe Premiere. I'm not sure they'll work on different software. Definitely download the free version before donating if you're not sure these will be useful for you.

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