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There's always a debate on whether we prefer more resolution or just a nicer picture (more latitude, more color information, etc) at a decent resolution, say 1080p (2 megapixels).

So, let's see: what's the point beyond which more resolution doesn't matter because my eyes just can't see it?

I created this 1920x1080 video with a 50% grey background and a single different pixel (first 60% grey, then 40% grey) that moves around the screen, and this 960x540 video of the same thing. I checked on my 2 TVs (Samsung 32" and Sony 52", both with PVA panels) to see how far I had to be from the screen in order to be completely unable to follow any of the two pixels (dark, or light):

1080p - 32" --> 85cm
540p - 32" --> 170cm
1080p - 52" --> 190cm
540p - 52" --> 340cm

And my conclusions from these measurements are:
* Not all screens are the same: the Sony 52" shows more detail (not surprising, I already knew it had much better color).
* In my living room (350cm from eyes to screen) I'd need a screen larger than 96" to start seeing any benefits from resolution beyond 1080p (52*350/190=96); if it's not a really sharp screen, it needs to be 132" or larger for me to get any benefits from resolution beyond 1080p (32*350/85=132).

So, I don't think my eyes can benefit from video resolution beyond 1080p, given that in my living room 96" is already huge: ratio of distance-to-eyes over diagonal-distance equal to 1.44, kind of last-row at the cinema but huge by living room standards. Yes, I'm quickly getting used to bigger and bigger screens, and once they add a button for me to watch the news in just the central part of the screen, surrounded by black, I may get more forgiving towards really huge screens, but really: 96" at 350cm? well, let me get back to you in 5 years...

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