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Overcranking and Slow Motion

Even if your final video will be 24 fps (or 25, or 30), you may want to shoot at 60, 120, 500 or even 1000 frames per second. It's what slow motion does: record a lot of frames per second, then show them at a slower rate.

With 30 frames per second conformed to 24 you get a dream-like effect that's not too obvious (example). With 60 frames per second you already get a pretty decent slow motion (example). And from 120 fps onwards, time goes by very slowly. At 1000 frames per second, you've nearly stopped time.

Some computer programs (e.g. Twixtor) can be used to interpolate the frames recorded by the camera, converting 60 fps footage into, say, 1000 fps footage (example). This may generate image issues (look at the rear tyre in the last shot of that example) that sometimes make the results useless (for example, a complex background like trees and foliage will create more problems than a simple background such as a clear sky), but when it works it is spectacular.

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