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Flaat for Canon
Flaat for Nikon
Flaat for the BMC
Flaat for NEX-5N
Old Picture Style Tests

a7s stills
a7s video
550D stills
550D video
550D video lineskip
5D2 stills
5D2 video

APS-C vs Full Frame
ND filters
Other filters

Badly assembled lenses and image quality
Lens mount compatibility chart
ISO on different cameras
High ISO on the 5D3
DIY: DR test chart
RGBWK Bayer sensors

Notes on DoF-FoV
Notes on crop-DoF-FoV

Custom Cropmarks for Magic Lantern on the Canon 550D

How many megapixels do I want?
How many megapixels can I see?

Quick Monitor Calibration Chart


Random rants

Search engine

Are yor lenses decentered?
Testing my 50mm lenses to see if they are decentered (actually, tilted, but everybody calls it decentering)

Lens Tests: Sony a6000
Testing how sharp my lenses are, on my new camera: a Sony a6000 (24 Mpix APS-C)

2017 Tom Antos DR test
A summary of a very nice dynamic range test that Tony Antos recently posted on YouTube

Testing three Industar-61 lenses
I love the very cheap Industar 52mm f/2.8 so I bought another couple of copies for some friends. They are all so different!

Lens Tests: Sony RX100 IV
I have a new camera, the very lovely and very tiny Sony RX100 IV. Let's see how good it is for stills, compared to my old NEX-5N.

Lens Tests: Small Normal Lenses
Testing sharpness on a couple of small normal vintage lenses for mirrorless cameras: Industar I61 (52mm f/2.8) and Leitz Summicron-C (40mm f/2.0).

Lens Tests: a7S vs 5N+SB
Testing sharpness with the same lenses on two camera systems: an a7S (12 Mpix full frame sensor) and a NEX-5N (16 Mpix APS-C) with SpeedBooster (which gives the APS-C camera a FoV that's about the same as in the FF camera).

Sony a7r vs a7S (shooting RAW stills)
I tested the Sony a7r and a7r, looking at sharpness, dynamic range, and high-ISO performance.

Adobe Premiere Curves for the Sony a7S
I made some presets to adjust exposure in slog2 footage from the a7S. I use them a lot, so I thought others might be interested too.

Lens tests with the a7s
Testing my lenses with my new camera. Both in stills mode (4240) and downsampled to 1920x1080.

2014 camera shootout: dynamic range
I managed to bring together a lot of very nice cameras (a7s, GH4, 5D3+RAW, pocket, BMC,etc), and put them to the test. In this second set of results I look at dynamic range. Now the pocket and the a7s are the stars of the show.

2014 camera shootout: sharpness
I managed to bring together a lot of very nice cameras (a7s, GH4, 5D3+RAW, pocket, BMC,etc), and put them to the test. In this first set of results I look at sharpness. Oh, my, that GH4 is sweet...

Compilation of resolution charts is a German website that runs some really neat camera tests, I took some of their results and built a nice little table

Flaat for the a7s
Now I have a very lovely a7s and a very lovely suite of settings to go with it

BMPCC evaluation: dynamic range
Testing DR on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

BMPCC evaluation: sharpness
Testing sharpness on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Lens tests on the BMPCC
Testing some very interesting lenses on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Image quality with the BMC and Premiere CC
Premiere CC now can work natively with DNG files from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Let's see how it looks...

Shaving my Leitz Leica-R lenses
Some of them need some work before they can be used with a modern fullframe camera, or, in my case, with a SpeedBooster

So, how good is this SpeedBooster thing?
Some tests to see if an APS-C sensor with a MetaBones SpeedBooster really is as sharp as a full frame sensor

The Alhambra (with 5D2 and Tokina 11-16)
A night visit to the Alhambra with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 (designed for APS-C, but works as a great 16mm prime on full frame too)

Flaat for the BMC
A picture profile for the BlackMagic Cinema Camera (just a bunch of very specific settings for importing the RAW DNG files)

Optimal image quality with the BMC
A detailed look into several options for working with footage from the BlackMagic Cinema Camera

Taking pictures with VERY old cameras
Taking pictures with the sensor from my Sony NEX-5N and some very old bellows cameras (from 1910 and 1917)

Is full frame sharper than APS-C?
Given my lens set, will my images be sharper if I move from APS-C to full frame? I try to find out, empirically

Lens tests (sharpness, full frame)
A new set of tests, this time with a full frame camera (a Canon 5D2)

Lens tests (sharpness, full frame video)
A new set of tests, this time with a full frame camera (a Canon 5D2)

My color guru: Stu Maschwitz
A set of links to some truly awesome posts by my color guru, Stu Maschwitz

Flaat Shootout 2012
A torture test for the Canon 550D (T2i), the Sony NEX-5N, the Panasonic GH2, and the Nikon D800

My take on the NEX-5N
A quick review of this nice little camera, which packs a great image into its nearly-pocketable size

Flaat for the NEX-5N
This camera can't load custom-built picture styles, but I managed to get a nice image using some not-very-common settings

Version 2.0 of my Flaat Picture Styles for Canon DSLRs
Rated by the number of stops of DR that they get, with one set based on Portrait and one based on Neutral, and tested on the 5D3

High ISO and detail on the Canon 5D mark 3
High ISO shots from the 5D3 are amazingly clean: there's nearly no noise. That's in part thanks to noise reduction algorithms, and has a price: detail

Sharpness and bokeh tests - new lenses added
Fellow Spaniard DSLR shooter and deep lensaholic Ignacio Sánchez lent me a bunch of interesting vintage lenses today, and I added them to my sharpness and bokeh tests

An idea for RGBWK Bayer pattern sensors
If we're going to end up subsampling our color information anyway, we might as well do it directly in the sensor, and get better DR out of it

Comparing ISO on different cameras
ISO values don't mean the same on all cameras - here I show, using footage from Philip Bloom's Christmas 2011 shotout, how it varies on different models

Flaat Picture Styles for Canon DSLRs
Unhappy with all the previous options (like Technicolor CineStyle and Marvels Cine), I have created the Similaar suite of picture styles: Flaat 1 through 4

Photography tutorial: macro
I just added a small section about macro photography

Basic photography tutorial
A basic foto tutorial, which presents the fundamental aspects but avoids getting into more detail than strictly necessary
Also in Spanish (también en español)

Equipment recommendations
My equipment recommendations to photographers and videographers: cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, audio equipment, accessories...

Lens mount compatibility chart
A simple chart that tells you which lenses work on which cameras (specially useful for vintage glass)

Notes on crop factor, DoF and FoV
How sensor size and crop factor affect depth of field and field of view: some theory, and a quick test

Badly assembled lenses and image quality
Some sharpness and bokeh tests that show the kind of issues you'll find on a badly assembled vintage lens (it's a very common problem: check your lenses!!)

Lens tests
Testing sharpness on all my lenses (Canon, Tamron, Tokina, vintage Carl Zeiss Jena, vintage Leitz for Leica) with The One Dollar Resolution Chart
Summary - by aperture - in video mode

ND filter tests
Some sharpness and color shift tests with my ND filters (Tiffen screw-in, LCW Fader ND, resin filters for the Cokin P system)

Bokeh tests
Bokeh tests, with all my lenses (Canon, Tamron, Tokina, vintage Carl Zeiss Jena, vintage Leitz for Leica)

NEW VIDEO: Estepona 2011 (J+I)
A very relaxed day with a couple of friends - I think it's my best-looking flick so far

Bokeh tests: different scenarios
With only a handful of lenses, I run some additional tests to understand the relation between focal length, bokeh quality and bokeh quantity.

Filter tests
Some sharpness tests with my diffuser and polarizer filters (what they do, and how they affect image quality) (my ND filtersh have a specific section here)

Picture Style Tests
Thoughts and tests on my journey to find the best picture style for my Canon DSLR - Initially I liked Technicolor CineStyle, but I'm using Flaat now

Similaar Custom Cropmarks for Magic Lantern on the 550D
A collection of custom cropmarks that I created for Magic Lantern on my 550D (T2i), with different aspect ratios, markings and color schemes

Similaar Quick Monitor Calibration Chart
A simple tool to help me setup my monitor at work: I want it to look nice, but I can't take my calibrator there, only play with brightness and contrast

How many megapixels can I see?
An empirical test to check whether my eyes can see any detail beyond 1080p (2 megapixels). Download the video file and test your eyes too!

How many megapixels do I want?
Some thoughts and empirical tests to try to shed some light on the neverending dispute of whether more megapixels means more noise

DoF/FoV calculator
Quick and simple tool that calculates depth of field and field of view of a camera as a function of lens and camera settings - great for smartphones

Notes on DoF and FoV
Some interesting stuff about Depth of Field and Field of View that I learned after programming my DoF/FoV calculator

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